100 items

1. Right now, I’m really into the music of Sondre Lerche.

2. I am currently living in London.

3. One of my aims in life is to be strong but not tough.

4. “This only have I found: God made man upright but man has gone in search of many schemes.” Ecclesiastes 7:29

5. My favorite definition of art comes from Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead: “Art- a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments.”

6. I really like geography.

7. I try to know a lot, including country names, placements, and capitols.

8. Though because of it I have received a lot of persecution, I have developed a game aptly named “Atlas.”

9. If you want to play it sometime, I will explain it to you.

10. My roommate’s boyfriend refuses to ever play it with me.

11. If I ever have a pint-sized puppy, ideally who slept a lot, I would name him Ripp, after Ripp Van Winkle.100cropped

12. I could talk about the merits of my favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo all day.

13. Nicholas Nickleby is a close second.

14. As I have discovered thus far, my ideal date is canoeing, perching up in a tree and then reading a good book aloud.

15. Linguistics is the most brilliant area of study ever.

16.  I am writing one of these lists because I find them surprisingly entertaining to read on other people’s blog and hope that you find this to be no exception.

17. Sunrises over sunsets.

18. It’s not that I don’t understand math; it’s that math is intrinsically challenging.

19. I do actually think I have some sort of mental block with numbers. I have trouble even writing down a string of numbers, like a phone number. Seriously.

20. In the same vein, sixteen fifty-two is much easier for me to read quickly than 1652.

21. “Tawny” is one of the best, underused adjectives in English.

22. I love Saudi Arabian food.

23. My dad is a hunter.

24. The Chronicles of Narnia character that I most identify with is Peter Pevensie.

25. My granddad is brilliant and knows more than anyone else I have ever met.

26. IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)  is the coolest and most inspiring chart I have ever read. It’s a chart with every known sound in every language in the world.

27. Growing up, I had two great-grandmothers I got to know.

28. I am not generally described as fashionable, but I have a pair of boots that I keep getting told are awesome.

29. I have finally visited New York City.

30. My favorite name for God is Emmanuel, God with us.

31.  I keep a list of remarkable people that I meet to make so I will remember to check to see where they are in twenty years.

32. I used to clean houses as a part-time job, and it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

33. One of my roommates is a Biotechnology grad student. I don’t even understand centripetal force.

itemscropped2334. A friend of mine has been to the Great Pyramid, and I try to not be envious.

35. I will always be a proud Knight!

36. There are 6,912 languages in the world. 2,200 of them don’t have any Scripture in them, and I am a part of getting the Word to those people as quickly as possible.

37. I have three siblings; crazy about all of them.

38. About six months ago, I got my first ipod.I held out for a long time but I love having one now.

39. I tutor student-athletes. It’s as cool as it sounds.

40. If I could change one thing about the English language, I would create a distinction between you-plural and you-singular.

41. I really like talk radio, especially Neal Boortz.

42. Because of my eye condition, I can wear contacts but rarely.

43. I am friends with a bunch of Saudi Arabian women, and I am nuts about them.

44. Some of them have particularly cute children.

45. I used to be obsessed with the history of of Tudor England, and I have retained a lot of my knowledge.

46. Ideologically, I am a libertarian. Practically, I think God that my hope is in Him.

47. I have an awesome, firm handshake that I have perfected over the years, but I have been told that it’s not feminine, so I try to hold back unless bade.

48. My claim to fame is that I went to Indonesia by myself when I was sixteen to visit a friend.

49. I grew up as a pseudo-missionary kid. My parents were in full-time Christian work but were never abroad.

50. I don’t want to know what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be living in twenty years.

51. Every Christian is called to be a missionary. It just can look a lot different from person to person.

52. I enjoy debating about anything I am fairly knowledgeable about.

53. If you have heard the rhymne, “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived,” further, if you know what it refers to, I will be elated.

54. I have horrible rhythm. My piano teacher once gently made sure that I knew I wouldn’t have a career in music.

55. I can still sight-read a little.

56. I too just love the store Anthropologie.

57. In high school, I really got into cartography, and, when I perfect my hobby list, I hope that this will be one.

58. I’m interested in how language shapes reality.

59. The best bagel ever: everything bagel toasted, onion chive cream cheese, a slice of melted provolone cheese, and several warm slices of tomato (I used to work at a bagel shop).

60. I plan to be good at cooking one day. Can’t say I am currently.

61. Thus far in my life, I have had four best friends.

62. Wycliffe Bible Translators has my unswerving devotion and commendations.

63. I have never taken a single ballet class, but if I could choose what I would do in another life, one of the things I’d consider is growing up training to be a ballerina. Yes, I know, kind of Meg from The Phantom of the Opera.

64. I want to be excited about life until the day I die.

65. I have had a total of 15 different roommates since I graduated from high school.

66. Roommates have taught me more about relating to people than probably any other type of relationship.

67. I highly recommend the class Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

68. George Orwell rocks.

69. Some of my heroes include Eric Liddel, George Muller, and Gladys Aylward.

70. There are real people in the world that are dying without hearing the Gospel of Christ. Hundreds of millions of them can’t even read Scripture in their own language because there is no translation.

71. I fancy I’m pretty tough.

72. I was brought up at home and taught by my mother.

73. Sometimes, I can’t believe God loves me, and sometimes I think I’m God’s gift to the world.

74. I would generally be described as “conservative” politically.

75. I listen to NPR.

76. I like coffee. I like it with hazelnut creamer.

77. I drink it hot in the mornings and iced in the afternoon. But I am not addicted.

78. I have never had a coffee drink that I didn’t like.

79. I never liked to skip class because I am afraid I am going to miss sometime that I want to know.

80. Communication and Human Relations is the best class that I have taken undergrad.

81. I’m not a Vera Bradley person.

82. Frugality is a sliding scale.

83. I want to live much more frugally than my means dictate.

84. My big brother is incredibly high-achieving, my little sister is quick, and my little brother is brilliant.

85. The least lazy person that I know is my mom.

86. I have finally found soy milk that I really like.

87. I have also found a good recipe for soy milk hot chocolate.

88. I have [barely] visible triceps. But I’m excited.

89. Someday, I want to go cliff diving.

90. I’ve taken yoga, and I liked it.

91. I wouldn’t mind being a writer. Cool pens and coffee and no one thinks ill of you for having a messy flat.

92. I can best describe my alter-ego as Eloise from the Plaza.

93. I like knowing people.

94. I don’t know where I’ll be in a year.

95. Metric is more confusing than the US system, I don’t care what you tell me. Zeroes are harder to keep track of.

96. Life is all about self-awareness.

97. I will be looking for a job in about 10 months.

98. I follow 50-some odd blogs regularly.

99. My blog is not always as philosophical or profound as I should like (but don’t tell anyone).

100. I am always here. For now.


10 responses to “100 items

  1. I totally agree with # 17.

  2. tcm.

    53. ‘divorced’ Catharine, ‘Be-headed’ Bolyen (or something?), ‘Died’ Seymour (like the otter at Sea World)–‘Divorced’ Anne, ‘Be-headed’ Howard, ‘Survived’ Parr. Easy rythm to remember the 6 wives of Henry VIII. (I swear I didn’t look anything up. lol. That’s why I can only tell you the last names…) But as I recall, Anne survived him too, and three of them gave gave him one child each who became Mary, Elizabeth (like you’re middle name!) and Edward VI or VII? I do believe that that popular rythm however is incorrect. I remember learning distinctly that we learned a wrong rythm, and that in fact they were all annulled save for the one beheading and one surviving. Hmmm…I should brush up on that. lol. But good to know you’re into the whole (#45) Tudor Dynasty thing. heh heh.

  3. That’s amazing! You remember more than most.

  4. Katie Lee

    Hi, Rachel! I know the “Divorced, beheaded” rhyme too. Lots of historical fiction as a small child 🙂

  5. Rebecca

    I’m not quick, and your list Is SOO different then mine!

  6. By “quick”, I mean extremely fast in wit and word and thought, Becca.

  7. Catelin

    I knew the Henry VIII wives’ rhyme too. Woo hoo.

  8. I just want to tell you I love The Count of Monte Cristo.

  9. I completely adore this blog!!! definitely going to need to remember to add this to my bookmarks.

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