new blog

Because of a school assignment last semester, I discovered wordpress. Yes, I used to have a xanga (still haven’t deleted the account). But I’m trying out this blogsite for now.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I was learning in my missions class, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Hopefully, I still put up some notes and thoughts about that, but I also like the forum to write down what I’m thinking. If I think thoughts I’m having are pertinent enough to post, then I’ll post ’em.

I like this background. I’m kind of hoping that I’ll figure out how to do cool links and upload photos to enhance the “experience” of my blog. I’ll have to get Kristi on this. I don’t know yet if you have to have a wordpress blog to comment on my posts, but if you can, I do like conversation.

Sometimes I try to get creative. I dabble at being philosophical. I like thinking, and I like practicing my written English skills. So all the above will probably appear also. If nothing else, I’ll just enjoy writing, but hopefully you’ll find something worth musing about.


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