Spring 2008 Classes

French II
Communication and the Family
Philosophy of Language
International Diplomacy

I’m a bit stressed out right now with my routine bourgeoning right now, rather than being stable. As college students know, schedules shake up every semester. I  start off every semester emotionally convinced that I’m going to flunk every class, that I’ll be working too much, and that I won’t get enough sleep.

I am in such state currently. I haven’t sat down and seriously considered trying to switch one or more of my classes, and I’m unsure if I will do so. However, I do feel overwhelmed. That too shall pass, perhaps, too. It’s kind of funny when you’ve realized that type of bed you’ve made and are know trying to lie in. I acknowledge that I made it; now I am trying to figure out if I can stand to lie in it or if the metaphorical comforter needs some ironing.

Here’s my most obvious dilemma. I have all Tuesday and Thursday classes. I do this to create the most possible time for working, especially freeing one whole day for my house cleaning job. I think I might have outdone myself this time.  Or perhaps, I may just have to learn more about stamina and long days, as so many people do.

7:30-9:20 class; hour break
10:30-11:45 class; hour and a quarter break
1:30-2:45 class; hour and a half break
4:30-5:45 class; home hopefully by 6:10

Then on Thursdays, I’m back on campus by nine at the latest for Crusade, which means I’m out until at least eleven. Then I wake up at 6:00am on Friday morning for my cleaning job. That is my hardest time of the week and is very similar to my Thursday/Friday schedule last semester. It’s rough. Of course I can survive it. But am I willing to pay the price for it, or do I think it would be more prudent to seek some alternative? I have to think about it.

In other news, I just heard on the radio that Sir Edmund Hillary died. As you probably know, he was the first man to reach the summer of Mount Everest. The story said that he was 89 years old.


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