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Today was grueling. It’s not quite over, but I think I shall “fall on my beak”, as my dad would say, when it is over. Somehow the idea of starting my day tutoring from 7-9 am and then ending it with tutoring 6-9 pm doesn’t seem so brilliant right now. Book-ending my day like that makes it very long… What shall I do when I get some forty+ hour a week job?

 Can’t study right now. Can’t think coherently. My mind is so dull. This is the only type of writing I am permitting myself to do right now, because I don’t think I’m reliable enough to do more. It’s kind of funny to be able to observe yourself. It’s funny to see how slothful, as compared to usual-you, you can get. Mental processing is still pretty fast but definitely cloudy.

 Wasn’t this fascinating to read?


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Geo Bee!

National Geographic has this great daily geography bee. I learned about it one year in high school, and I just rediscovered it. It’s hardcore, and it’s new every day, just like God’s mercies.

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Boys aren’t the only gross ones.

If you remember, it was rather cold the other day.

Thursday morning I got for my classes, which start at 7:30.  Since it was cold, I put on socks, two pairs, so they’d be thick enough to for me to wear my brown shoes. I tramped around in them all day for my classes. When I got home, I kept them on because I was out of the house again before long.

That night, it was rather chilly in our house, as I got ready for bed. I pulled off the top layer of sock and slept with the pair underneath on to keep my feet warm. Friday morning I get up super early again for cleaning. Still cold, so I pulled on my duds and shod my feet with my work shoes and off I went.

When I got home that afternoon, I finally pulled the wretched things off. When I did, I realized that they’d been on my feet for over twenty-four hours. Lovely.

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A chair can groan when you sit down, but it cannot sigh in relief when you get up…

Isn’t language the mostly absurdly wonderful thing?

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I was looking through wordpress’s options for my blog’s aesthetic presentation, trying to find a way to just change the background so that my text would stand out more, but I found some cool options for what they call the “header”, the picture at the top of the page.

They had the option to upload one of your own pictures, crop it to fit, and use it. So I just tried it, and the result is pretty exciting. This is a picture of a swan that I took a few weeks ago at Lake Eola. I wish I could have figured out how to change the color of background, but this was a pretty cool discovery.

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Good words

Some really awesome words for your consideration:


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I just couldn’t bear today. When my alarm went off this morning, my spirit was not willing. Usually, since I’ve been having these early mornings, my spirit is willing but I’m just tired. Today, I wasn’t at all willing to get up. I managed to bribe myself to get up by promising myself that I could skip my last class.

What is this stupor that has ensnared me lately? I have been physically dragging, mentally slow, and emotionally low. So odd, but it’s been plaguing me lately. Shortly before my second-to last class, I realized that I hadn’t done the readings, I would have to go print off the readings, and that if I did all of that, I would be late for the class. So I actually skipped my last two classes of the day. How amazing!

I got home and immediately went to my bed. Three hours later, I got up, feeling a bit better. After some iced coffee, things really started looking great. I haven’t felt this alive in at least a week! I know that God is good all the time, but sometimes I can’t believe how much favor He shows me.

I don’t know what causes such terrible periods of oddness. I am just so glad that I am here right now. I am alive again. My mind is active and interested again. I am engaged with people. Tonight, God met with me at Crusade. I am so incredibly thankful right now.

I also get to listen to Sarah Brightman right now because no one is home at the moment.

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