I just couldn’t bear today. When my alarm went off this morning, my spirit was not willing. Usually, since I’ve been having these early mornings, my spirit is willing but I’m just tired. Today, I wasn’t at all willing to get up. I managed to bribe myself to get up by promising myself that I could skip my last class.

What is this stupor that has ensnared me lately? I have been physically dragging, mentally slow, and emotionally low. So odd, but it’s been plaguing me lately. Shortly before my second-to last class, I realized that I hadn’t done the readings, I would have to go print off the readings, and that if I did all of that, I would be late for the class. So I actually skipped my last two classes of the day. How amazing!

I got home and immediately went to my bed. Three hours later, I got up, feeling a bit better. After some iced coffee, things really started looking great. I haven’t felt this alive in at least a week! I know that God is good all the time, but sometimes I can’t believe how much favor He shows me.

I don’t know what causes such terrible periods of oddness. I am just so glad that I am here right now. I am alive again. My mind is active and interested again. I am engaged with people. Tonight, God met with me at Crusade. I am so incredibly thankful right now.

I also get to listen to Sarah Brightman right now because no one is home at the moment.


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