Boys aren’t the only gross ones.

If you remember, it was rather cold the other day.

Thursday morning I got for my classes, which start at 7:30.  Since it was cold, I put on socks, two pairs, so they’d be thick enough to for me to wear my brown shoes. I tramped around in them all day for my classes. When I got home, I kept them on because I was out of the house again before long.

That night, it was rather chilly in our house, as I got ready for bed. I pulled off the top layer of sock and slept with the pair underneath on to keep my feet warm. Friday morning I get up super early again for cleaning. Still cold, so I pulled on my duds and shod my feet with my work shoes and off I went.

When I got home that afternoon, I finally pulled the wretched things off. When I did, I realized that they’d been on my feet for over twenty-four hours. Lovely.


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