Today was grueling. It’s not quite over, but I think I shall “fall on my beak”, as my dad would say, when it is over. Somehow the idea of starting my day tutoring from 7-9 am and then ending it with tutoring 6-9 pm doesn’t seem so brilliant right now. Book-ending my day like that makes it very long… What shall I do when I get some forty+ hour a week job?

 Can’t study right now. Can’t think coherently. My mind is so dull. This is the only type of writing I am permitting myself to do right now, because I don’t think I’m reliable enough to do more. It’s kind of funny to be able to observe yourself. It’s funny to see how slothful, as compared to usual-you, you can get. Mental processing is still pretty fast but definitely cloudy.

 Wasn’t this fascinating to read?


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