spring break ’08

So this is actually a blog, meant for writing. I intend to write, primarily. I want to write. Hopefully, the pictures have been nice also. I just learned how to put them up, though, so I’ve been doing that also.

Now let me answer the question of what I did for spring break. I went to Daytona Beach. I hung out with friends. We got a hotel right on the beach and stayed the week. We stayed up late, walked on the beach, played games, talked a lot and had fun all-around.

That’s true. I went to Daytona with Mission to Japan. A bunch of Americans came to hangout with a bunch of Japanese students, who are here for a month. The Americans outnumbered the Japanese about 3 to 1, which, I understand, is unusual for these retreats. But I think that they were fully engaged.

I’d never done anything with Mission to Japan before but several friends of mine have worked with them for quite a while. I shared a room all week with one American girl and two Japanese girls.

It was a good week. It was a fun week. It was a stretching week. It was a week where God whispered to me. I’m afraid I prevented him from speaking louder to me. It was a week where I gained some good perspectives on life and the world.

There were nine Japanese girls, six of which were officially with the homestay program. I had only heard one or two of the names before, and it took me a few days to remember them correctly, because they were so different from names I encounter day to day. If I were forth-thinking enough, I should have written all the names down, so I could remember them better. Also, if I remembered my IPA symbols better, I should have written down how to pronounce them correctly.

In any case, the girls were: Takae (my roommate), Junko (my roommate2), Kotoha, Miki, Maki, Miyuki, Emiko, Fukiko, and Ai. I am very glad that I met each of them.
[Pronunciation: TA-Ky-A, June-ko, Ko-tow-ha, Miki, MA-key, Miyuki, Emiko, Who-kiko, and I].

I think that best thing that was impressed upon we was that God is working all over the world. How exciting! I also thought a lot about language. The same God that speaks to me in English is speaking also in Japanese to a Japanese girl. Japanese seems like a pretty sweet language. It’d be kind of cool to have an occasion to learn it.

A little something extra: 1-10 in Japanese

1 ichi (itchy)
2 ni (knee)
3 san (san)
4 si (she)
5 go (go)
6 toku (lok)
7 nana (nahna)
8 hachi (hachi)
9 kyu (Q)
10 ju (jew)

I learned this during the week and am still struggling to retain it.



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