An Assortment of Items of Interest

1. I shan’t apologize and I won’t bother to be demure about it. It is worthy to note, or do a did-you-know, rather, today that St. Patrick was indeed not an Irishman. This is worth mentioning on several fronts, and chief among them is that that fact is tied to the story about who he was then. The story of his life is one of my favorite, which is perhaps why I will unashamedly draw attention to it.

Honestly, I think that first and best account I heard of his life was from Focus on the Family’s child tape series “Adventures in Odyssey”. They do a good job. But I am sure you can google or wikipedia it also and get a good sketch of his life.

2. One of the first cds that I have owned was the original cast recording of “The Phantom of the Opera”, starring Sarah Brightman (many of you will know how I am obsessed with her music) and Michael Crawford. I used to listen to that cd every day. I had every word as well as the sequence of the songs memorized.
Well I have to confess that I am getting rusty. I know also own the soundtrack from the movie that came out a few years ago. Today, I felt like listening to some phantom, preferring to listen to the Broadway version. I went to my itunes and selected what I thought was the broadway soundtrack. I listened to the first few songs, trying to determine if it was the movie or play version playing.
Finally, I convinced myself that it must be the play and that I had just not listened to it in so long that I couldn’t remember the differences. Finally, I heard a part that I knew was only in the movie. I felt dumb and duped. I ran and found the broadway soundtrack. Ahhh.
I must have lost my ear. I couldn’t distinguish between the sublime performance of Crawford and Brightman from the great performance of Butler and Rossum. I am ashamed of myself frankly. I think there must be some great spiritual application that I could draw from this. Something like we live with mediocre things and then grow used to them and satisfying. Only when we experience the truly great things do we realize how we were satisfied with so little.
disclaimer: I am not derriding or impuning the quality of the singing on the movie version. It’s good too. It’s just not comparable to the template.

3. I was writing a little earlier for something else and I managed to whip out a few good words. I was probably inspired by Ravi Zecharias using “mirth” in a podcast I was listening to. That happens sometimes. Someone says something great, somewhere your mind is jolted into a higher level. At least for me. It’s as if it thinks, “Hey, I can do that too,” even if I don’t consciously do it. So anyways, I pulled the word “kafuffle” out from somewhere in my brain. I am pretty sure that I have never used that word in prose before. I also drug out and used the word “druthers”. I can’t claim this to my own merit. I know the last time I heard it and I have thought of it on occasion since. So I guess it just laid in wait for the perfect time to spring forth and be used.

4. If you haven’t checked out the GeoBee lately, it’s been good. The questions have been really hard.


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  1. Anna

    I enjoy your writings and ponderings very much Rachel!!! Especially number 3! You are so interesting to me, I love sharing a house with you! p.s. I promise to incorporate desserts in my diet soon.. but only if you will help me eat them!

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