Piles, Heaps, Loads

I’m under one. Short on sleep. Mounting piles of unwashed dishes, vacuuming, and laundry. Taxes to file. Projects and papers looming in front of me, my intentions for my gpa, taunting me. Obligations to fulfill.

I’m headed to bed shortly. I should be there now. I was up at 5:30 because I hadn’t finished a project last night. Lately, I’ve been getting my assignments done just just in time. I get to sleep in until seven tomorrow, though, because work got pushed back, though, which is superb. That is why I am allowing myself to unwind like this. Bethany’s already asleep.

I keep waiting for myself to pull it together and perform up to my expectations. Somehow, I don’t think that there’s much hope.

Please read this as frank but sanguine. By Christ, I shall endure, and, I dare to hope, prosper.



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