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This week, I don’t have any more school work and I am not yet working (as I intend to this summer) full time. Most of my jobs are in the in-between stage, and I have yet to find another job.

In this interlude, which has only been three days so far, I have have done a little housework, very little laundry (Bethany can testify to the folded-to-be-put-away laundry piles), co-hosted an engagement party, and caught up on sleep. I’m also getting to read my book Outrage: The Five Reasons why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder, a self-picked out birthday present from my older brother.

In addition, yesterday and today, I have been pleasantly able to do a bit of adventuring. The price has been quite a few scrapes and sore muscles. But that is good. I’ve been too bookish and inactive the past few weeks. I’ll confess that most of the damage is due to tree-climbing. But I like to imagine that it is good to remind my body sometimes that it has a job to do and to make sure that my white blood cells work. Maybe I’m too old for climbing trees, but it’s so enjoyable. And it is quite a workout, at least for a me-person. Girls are tremendously disadvantaged for such pursuits, though, let me tell you. I got to go canoing today also, thanks to my great long-time buddy with private lake access.

Tomorrow is more miscellanea. Soon, hopefully, that will include getting my car worked on. It also includes a dentist appointment. Ick. But it might also include some work and some fun people at night.




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engagement party!

Friday night, the girls from the flat threw a party for one of their own: an engagement part for Anna and Kell. It was fun, not too stressful to pull off, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

In the picture below, everyone either has, does, or will live in the flat (excepting the girl making the fish face). Kell proposed to Anna a little over two weeks ago and they plan to get married in August! Here are some pictures from the event. 

Photo credits go to Brenna’s camera, Kristi, and Brenna.

Most of the girls… 







Anna (rt) with her to-be maid of honor, Emily (lf) 












They look pretty happy to me. They’re both the best and the best for each other.

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I went for a run today, outside before it got hot. Running outside is way better than any other way. Because I was outside, I got to see lots of beautiful sites, even in suburban Orlando.

I saw three blue jays, a red-winged blackbird, lots of mallards, and two different sets of mallard ducklings. And a worm.

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I needed a change somewhere in my life.  Scoff, if you will, but the only thing immediately within my grasp at the moment, this was last night, was on my computer (I didn’t need that big of a change). I didn’t want to change anything on facebook, and I wasn’t brilliant enough to blog anything… so I changed the background on my computer.

I took this is in Pangandaran, Indonesia. I haven’t enhanced any of the color; it’s really this beautiful. We were way up high as this storm was swooping in.

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what i’m looking at

Philosophy of language.

I’m studying philosophers like Volosinov, Plato, Wittgenstein, Irigary, Davidson, Ayer, Butler, Austin, Malinowski, and Quine. If you’ve never heard of (except for Plato), don’t worry. I had only heard of a few of these guys when I started this class.

I’m studying what philosophers have to say about what language is, what we do with it, how we get meaning, and things like that. I hope I can philosophize well today.

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Pragmatic post

I use the word “pragmatic” because I am studying philosophy right now.

I always want to use the word, so I look up the definition but promptly forget it again. Tonight, I wanted to use it in this post because I thought that it would express the sense that I wanted it to. But to be sure, I had to check. Again. It means what I thought it did, at least for my purposes, and so I put it out there.

I will cease to be pragmatic soon, Lord willing. My mind needs to, but is not, be focused, disciplined, and mulling over concepts that I will be graded on, either tomorrow or Thursday. This summer, when I hope to simply be working and not doing schoolwork, I hope to have time to allow my mind to do some noodling.

I always fancy that I will think great thoughts and hash out breakthroughs to problems I’ve been mulling over. But I rarely do. I’m just as hopeful as usual. Some of my hypothetical pet projects are reading the book Nathan got me for my birthday, Outrage: How O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder, finish cataloging my communication notes (affectionately referred to as “The Glossary of Everything Communication-Related and Interesting to Know”), running a lot, visiting my family, redecorating/rearranging my half of the room, giving the whole flat a good scrubbing and straightening. It’s mostly my stuff strewn all over the living room and dining room.

For the next three days though, it’s a nice grind of studying and test-taking.


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Sun to sun

Do you ever have days that are long enough that they seem like separate entities, or days, until themselves? I had one of those today. I had about four days or entities within my actual day. The first spanned from my 7:30am French class through my second class, the second phase was meeting with my supervisor to my third class, then the final was from tutoring a appointment until an outdoor orchestra concert tonight.

It was a pretty satisfying day, though I got a bit worn out at the end. Apparently, I’m really tired right now, because I can’t imagine that anyone would find this a bit interesting. However, I must keep adding to the annals.

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