The Flat

I call it the flat affectionately. It’s the apartment where I live. “Flat” is way cooler to say and write.

I really wanted to do a post, but I’m not in the inspired writer’s frame of mind. My mind isn’t teeming with inspiration. Very prosaic tonight. I’ve been prosey for a while, but today, God and people have either directly or indirectly challenged me to allow myself to indulge again in poetry unrepentantly. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Tonight I’ll do a little more more of the-state-of-the-union variety. Simply the facts.

I call this, Ode to My Roommates, or something of the like.

I used to be afraid that I should never have roommates. I wanted some ever since high school, when I dreamed of moving out and being independent. God obliged me, though, and I have had ever so many delightful people to share quarters with in the past three years of my life.

Amy. My first bona-fide roommate. She and I shared a room the summer after I graduated from high school and went on a summer project to Colorado. She was two years older than me, was very smart, very pretty, very athletic, and very kind. And she really loved God. I was a great first roommate. She was from Pennsylvania. She has since graduated from university and has also gotten married.

Mrs. B. I respectfully hesitate at having the audacity to call her my roommate. I was really more of a houseguest, or boarder in her house. After living at home the first semester of my freshman year, I welcomed the opportunity to shake up my living situation. I couldn’t afford to move out, and Mrs. B wasn’t sure she was eager to live by herself at this point in her life. We said that we’d do it on trial for a month or so, to make sure that we found it agreeable, but somewhere we forgot that it was a trial. I lived the rest of the semester at her house. She gave me the downstairs room and bathroom, which afforded privacy for both of us. I took care of Kianga, the dog, when she was out of town, and we tried to breakfast together as often as possible. She was a God-send. Just the roommate I needed for that time in my life.

Brenna. Finally, I had a large enough regular income to realistically move out. A girl I had recently befriended was also on the hunt for living-mates. I said I’d love to live with her -my funds were tight enough that I had to have someone to share a room with and split costs, though. We teamed up and sought accommodations and prospective roommates. Happily, she and I have lived together for the past two years.

Karis. We found her through my brother, who was friends with her boyfriend. She needed a place but wanted her own room. We thought about a three bedroom apartment. We took on Karis and continued the search.

Kristi. Smart girl advertised her need for roommates on the Crusade website before she even knew anyone in Orlando, while she was yet in Pensacola. Nathan likewise discovered her and connected her with us. Success! She was willing to share a room. Thus, Brenna, Karis, and Kristi were my roommates my sophomore year of college.

Mina. Kristi left for the summer and Mina moved in to sublease. She and I shared a room for about a month before I left for summer project in Ft. Lauderdale. She’s a gem.

Holly. One of my Ft. Lauderdale roomies. From the University of Georgia. Genuine and kind. I am so happy I had the chance to live with her.

Erika. My bedmate in Ft. Lauderdale and roommate #3. She was the sweetest, cutest thing you’ll ever meet.

Jenn. Ft. Lauderdale roommate #2. Brilliant, crazy, and ditzy. Jenn was so great to live with, when she remembered to lock our door at night. 🙂 The four of us shared a small, very warm when the AC wasn’t working, motel room all summer.

Bethany. I needed someone to share my room with again when Kristi decided to not move back in with us. Bethany needed housing because her fall plans fell through. Providence arranged things. She moved in with us this past fall.

Anna. Anna came mid-year (for us in the academic world), taking Karis’s spot at the beginning over of the new year. I only met Anna one time before she moved in. She has endeared herself to me very quickly.

Katie. Our surprise-child. I didn’t imagine things would work out to take her in mid-semester, but Anna agreed to share her room. Katie moved in in February.

We’re a quintet until our lease runs out. “Whither then? I cannot say.”


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