So lately.

Two more weeks of classes and one week of finals. Taxes and internship application. Summer job. That is what is on my mind right now.

After this week, school will be exceedingly easier for me. I have my huge research paper due Thursday, a smaller paper due for the same class on Tuesday, I might have a French quiz, and I have a big research presentation Tuesday in another class also.

I know that it’s the process that teaches us and develops character in us, but I sure hate the process. I know that I will get it all done, but I just don’t like the process of getting it down and wish that I could fast-forward to Thursday afternoon.

I added some new music to my collection. I have been wanting some more for a while, but decided I might as well have some new tunes while I am studying and typing on my computer a lot (which I haven’t actually done too much of yet).

Regardless, I got the soundtrack from “Across the Universe” (which was a pretty great movie) and the greatest hits from Queen. I know a bunch of Queen songs, but I don’t know them well enough to buy one of their regular cds and figured I’d play it safe and the compilation that would have the most songs that I know. I am also interested in finally breaking into the U2 craze (I’ll confess I own zero of their cds, just one song), so if anyone can recommend which of their cds a novice should begin with, I’d appreciate it. Yes, I already like U2’s stuff, but I just don’t know it well.

It’s rainy today. It was rainy last night, and I hear it’s supposed to be like this a bit longer this week. Rain is good; it just makes going from point a to point b less convenient. I tutored football last night, which I don’t usually do, and I’m tutoring again there this morning. Should be fun. Then I have another tutoring appointment, then I had better throw myself into my schoolwork for the rest of the afternoon. I’m saying this mostly for my own benefit, telling myself what I had better do, so thanks for listening to me instruct myself.

It doesn’t help that I’ve suddenly had a crisis of where I study the best. It doesn’t really matter, but when you’re concerned about getting things done, it’s easy to find other things to worry about to divert your attention from the real impending task. I like studying at home, if no one is home, because I am too friendly when my roomies are home. Studying on campus still works pretty well, but there I like to have someone to study with, go figure.

Well one paper must be written today, so it just will have to happen. I sure hope it’s good. I am sort of hoping to use it as a jumping-off place for my larger paper for the same class, but I’m unsure of how to do it. Oh, and thanks to my brother for helping me with my research project for my international relations class.

My favorite song from the “Across the Universe” cd is “Blackbird”. If I could sing, I would want to sound like the girl that sings it.


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  1. baggervais

    You know where to look for all things U2. For a beginner, I think the cd “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” would be the surest bet. It’s not so alternative, so anybody can like it, but it’s still genius. The two best known cds are probably “Joshua Tree” and “Achtung Baby,” if you want to get them so you can sound U2-smart. But the first requires a taste for classic rock and the second is kind of more experimental. Make sure you have a hundred dollars on hand to dedicate to U2 before listening to them, because they are addictive and habit-forming.

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