Note to Self

Books I need to read for both educational purposes and for my intellectual betterment:

1. 1984. By George Orwell. I keep hearing it being referred to in other books concerning language.

2. Words That Work. By Dr. Frank Luntz. This one I have nearly finished, but I need to study it.

3. Language and Thought. By Noam Chomsky. Everyone also talks about this one.

4. PR! A Social History of Spin. By Ewen Stuart. I have this one for a paper right now and it’s fascinating.

5. How to Do Things with Words. By John Austin. My professor keeps talking about it.

Hopefully, someone will find this list interesting. I did mostly just put this up as a reminder to me. Feel free to recommend any other books in the same vein, any of my linguistics/communication/language friends.


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One response to “Note to Self

  1. dragonmage06

    I wanted to comment on this post just to say YOU MUST READ 1984 NOW (if you haven’t already) 😛 PS Look! I found your blog!

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