State of Affairs

That is actually not a twist on “State of the Union”, as our president gives us annually. A guy in philosophy talks about the “state of affairs”. I learned about it in my Philosophy of Language class. I think it was Wittgenstein that talked about it.

Anyway, my own state of affairs.

I have been breathing beautiful, pressure-free air since about 11 o’clock Thursday evening. At that time, I had finished my short paper for my philosophy class, done my big presentation for my diplomacy class, written and submitted my big research/term paper for the same philosophy class, mailed in my internship application, and mailed in my taxes (no more worrying about when April 15 is coming). Yay!

So, mentally, Friday and today have been so happy. Yesterday evening was Crusade’s annual hoe-down (thanks to Jackie who did everything!). If I made a list of the top ten things I like doing, I think I should put down square dancing. I really like square dancing. I also got to see my brother, which is always nice.

Today. Today, I went to the beach with a friend from high school and another one of her friends. I hadn’t properly been on Cocoa in about a year (spent all last summer down in Ft. Lauderdale). I have a light burn because of it, but hopefully am a little darker too. The water was sublime.

Then I commenced on the rest of my day, part I’ve been relishing in anticipation. A bit of relaxation and productivity. I scoured down our bathroom, in a manner befitting an employee of Deep Blue Cleaning Co., threw in a load of laundry, cleaned our kitchen in the same attitude, although I stopped short with dishes until I eat dinner.

It’s almost eight o’clock. I should eat dinner soon. My boiled eggs are cooling.

No one else is home, which is kind of nice. I enjoy a bit of solitude from time to time. I hope to complete my cleaning projects, actually carry my laundry through the folding and putting away stage, do a bit of studying, write a bit of a paper, watch part of a movie, spend a little quality time with my Friend, and straighten up the place a bit more.

I also ways start projects so faithfully and then lose momentum before completion. I can’t blame my mom. She is one of the least lazy people and one of the most hard-working people I know. It’s my own failing. If only I had more determination and perserverance.

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately. I go in cycles. I will literally go a week or two without listening to music in a concentrated way, then I go into a mode of listening constantly. I still haven’t tired of my “Across the Universe” soundtrack. I’m hoping Bethany hasn’t yet either. 😛

God is good. All the time God is good.


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