Pragmatic post

I use the word “pragmatic” because I am studying philosophy right now.

I always want to use the word, so I look up the definition but promptly forget it again. Tonight, I wanted to use it in this post because I thought that it would express the sense that I wanted it to. But to be sure, I had to check. Again. It means what I thought it did, at least for my purposes, and so I put it out there.

I will cease to be pragmatic soon, Lord willing. My mind needs to, but is not, be focused, disciplined, and mulling over concepts that I will be graded on, either tomorrow or Thursday. This summer, when I hope to simply be working and not doing schoolwork, I hope to have time to allow my mind to do some noodling.

I always fancy that I will think great thoughts and hash out breakthroughs to problems I’ve been mulling over. But I rarely do. I’m just as hopeful as usual. Some of my hypothetical pet projects are reading the book Nathan got me for my birthday, Outrage: How O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder, finish cataloging my communication notes (affectionately referred to as “The Glossary of Everything Communication-Related and Interesting to Know”), running a lot, visiting my family, redecorating/rearranging my half of the room, giving the whole flat a good scrubbing and straightening. It’s mostly my stuff strewn all over the living room and dining room.

For the next three days though, it’s a nice grind of studying and test-taking.



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