why i dislike cooking

Recently, I realized that I do not like cooking right now. I base this conclusion upon my actions. I don’t “cook”. I get annoyed when preparing things to eat takes more than ten minutes. Thankfully, I still manage to eat pretty well and pretty healthily.

I don’t necessarily mind the concept of cooking. I have no aversion to it. I just don’t do it and don’t care to right now. When I’m with a group of people, it can be fun to make something together, but even then, I think I am enjoying the company, not the cooking.

Every once in a while, it’s fun to make a pie or tortillas. I just made semi-involved cherry-cheesecake brownies for Anna’s engagement party. This is my semi-disclaimer, because I can imagine a month down the road, I may be seized with a strange fit of culinary ambition and mention it on here or something. If that happens, I don’t want any outcries of hypocrisy. It’s not completely out of my character. I’m a girl; I even collect recipes and things like that.

I think I have just one main reason why I don’t find cooking a worth-while pursuit right now:

Reason: It’s a waste of time. It’s just me, why am I going to take copious amounts of time to prepare something just for me? Also, cooking usually necessitates preparation in quantities, which means lots of leftovers or waste.

“Cooking” conjures up images of creating food, enjoying puttering around in the kitchen, and even entertaining. That’s not me right now. I just don’t feel inclined to expend that much energy when most of the time it’s just me. It’s a treat when I just sit down to eat simultaneously with one of my roommates.

This post was inspired, of course, by recent events. Kristi, Katie, and I just got back from their parents’ house this evening. I didn’t have much food on hand, so I went and got some. My intentions were to make the ridiculously delicious green beans that Mrs. Ryan’s mom makes. She had had given me the outline of how she cooks them, so I hoped that I could duplicate them decently.

How am I supposed to know how long it takes green beans to cook in a pan? I started the onions early, figuring they might take a while to get soft, and I needed time to snap the green beans anyway. I started throwing the beans into the pan as I snapped them. I added the cut tomato and garlic, salt, and pepper. Then I finished snapping the green beans and adding them into the pan.

Ten minutes in (my limit, if you remember), I realize this will be a while. Ah, the frustration of cooking thrust in my face. What am I to do in the mean time? Katie was napping, so I couldn’t turn on music or anything of that sort. I am hungry now.

While the little beans simmer diligently, I am eating yogurt, some tortilla chips. I’m barely hungry when they finally seemed finished. I think it took them about forty minutes.

Cooking is cool and all. But I think that it is good that I haven’t discovered this “art” yet. If I go the way of most women, I will be cooking for decades to come. Why dive into it before its proper time?

The green beans, by the way, turned out nicely. They needs more tomatoes next time, though.



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