as events develop…

Here’s a snapshot of what is going on in my life currently.

1. Had a great small group on Monday night. We’re reading The Celebration of Discipline. I like the book so far.

2. It was Katie’s birthday yesterday. Twenty years old! The party is on Friday night.

3. I got my car back, hurray!, yesterday. My window is fixed and rolls down like a dream, the window piece is replaced, my timing belt is replaced. I love my little car. I am praying that it continued to diligently work for years.

4. My boss, Jenny, is moving… to a house down the the street from her current house. Because I finally have my car, I was able to go and help out a little yesterday. It is going to the cutest darn place yet. I came home inspired to try harder at making my own little flat more beautiful.

5. I’m job searching. Has anyone heard of CareerBuilderCollege? I have been looking at it and using it. It looks like I may get at least one interview from it. Also, I have a lead on a summer internship. I have to go take a general logic test for that opportunity on this upcoming Tuesday. I also applied for a job at Wycliffe. I’m excited, because I know God knows I need a job, and I am excited about working somewhere new. But I am also anxious. I’m only truly working one day this week. But, while I am in this phase, I just remember that my job is to find a job.

6. Anna came home last night! Friday to Tuesday seems longer than you’d think.

7. I got to see my brother last night, which was swell. Sometimes, we end up talking a lot, but lately we haven’t hung out a lot.

8. A friend of mine is back in town for the summer. A friend of mine is going to Malawi this summer. A friend of mine is getting her wisdom teeth out today.

9. I am very grateful for the people in my life who sustain me.

10. I get to order a bridesmaid dress soon! It’s beautiful, and I probably will wear it again. 🙂



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