That’s the acronym for, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, an economic principle. It’s one of the only ones that I remember from my high school class. It means that everything has a costs something somewhere. Nothing is free. For example, “free healthcare” is impossible truly. A government that gives healthcare to all its citizens pays for the healthcare by giving the bill to its citizens in the form of taxation.

That principle came into my head today when I realized that I was away from my home and would need some food. Usually, I do house cleaning only on Fridays, but Jenny had some extra work for Thursday, so I jumped at the opportunity to work more. I already had a football studyhall to go to until 9:30, so I went afterward.

Because I wasn’t in the cleaning mindset, I forgot to bring some food for the noon hour. If you didn’t know, cleaning houses is hard physical work, and that sort of thing usually leaves me hungry. My best opportunity to get food was after the first house, when we were near some shops.

Being that I am down to two very part-time jobs, money concerns have been in the forefront of my daily mental burdens. Publix. What can I get at Publix that is decent and cheap?

My lunch was not free, but I only spent $1.76. That is including a 70 cent water bottle because I had never forgotten to bring one of those. 1 dollar for a Clif energy bar and 15 or so cents for a banana. Bananas are my heroes for ever. If that math doesn’t add up, don’t blame me. That is what things said they were about. I can’t remember. Maybe the banana was even cheaper than I thought.

Oh, in the math vein, as everyone knows, I can’t add. Today, it really was pitiable. I added up 7.44 and 2.66 up to 9 even. I caught myself in time, thankfully. Gosh. Don’t tell my supervisors at tutoring. Well, it’s okay if you do, I don’t tutor math in any forms. Last semester, when I had a class with one of my basketball guys, I had him do multiplication for me on at least occasion. I hope I didn’t lose credibility.

Yes, I was homeschooled but don’t blame my mom. She did the best she could. It’s my fault.

So back to the beginning subject, TANSTAAFL. Next time you go to reach for something that is “free”, “you think about that” (as Steve Brown would rasp).



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