job status

Currently, I am still working cleaning at least one day a week, and I am tutoring student-athletes again, as summer session a has started. So I am working.

I am scheduled to go to the hour-and-a-half football studyhall Tuesday through Thursday and I have a twice weekly appointment (one hour) with one of the guys. The basketball advisor called me on Friday and wants me to help with their studyhall, so that will be a few more hours.

I’ve been getting some miscellaneous jobs babysitting and extra cleaning. Hopefully, that will continue until I secure another job.

I had a job interview on Friday to be a nanny. On Tuesday, I go take a logic test as the first step in trying to get an internship with a company. I’m applying for some positions at Wycliffe… it goes on and on.

However, I had a lovely, restful day yesterday.



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