cleaning fundamentals

I tend to think things that I don’t understand are way more lofty and complicated than they really are. I realize this, of course, when I learn how to do them or gain an understanding of them. Until that point, I think there is a mystical-like quality to such things; things that just “make” things happen a certain way, and surely the individuals performing the tasks are competent and undoubtedly expertly and professionally do their jobs.

It never fails though, that I realize that nearly anyone can do nearly any tasks that I used to deem so specialized, and also that people very often do not do things exactly as their deal sense would necessitate.

Coming down from the abstract, something that I have learned a great deal about in the past few years is cleaning. I am a certifiably knowledgeable house cleaner.This doesn’t mean that I always have a clean house by any means. But I’ve got the skills. I know that it takes. It’s way less magically done than I used to envision.

This is all you need:

– A good vacuum
– Spray bottle of Pine Sol
– Spray bottle of Windex or window cleaning solution
– Soap scum remover
– Toilet brush
– A tough-bristled brush
– A small brush
– Comet
– A spray bottle of bleach solution
– Stove-top cleaner
– Stainless steel cleaner (my personal favorite!)
– A really good feather duster
– A bountiful supply of rags

The rest is attention-to-detail, working from top to bottom, and sweat. Cleaning is hard but easy.



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2 responses to “cleaning fundamentals

  1. Yes, you don’t need much. But you do need a lot of detail and you will definitely sweat!
    I’m working towards cleaning my house like Giselle from “Enchanted”, but so far my animal calls have yielded only dust bunnies from under my bed.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bootlessly

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