Disclaimer: I promise that this is not one of those new, covert forms of advertising. Nobody is paying me, sadly. My blog isn’t that widely read yet.

That’s where I went last night. I went with a friend of mine who had yet to make the mecca. I hadn’t been myself in a few months. What’s not to love about IKEA, especially if you’re a girl. There is food ( “international” food!), everything is gorgeous, you get inspired and convinced that you could decorate like this, things are inexpensive, and you get to feel cultured by going there. It is Swedish after all.

I have yet to encounter someone who disapproved of IKEA. I’ve never consulted a Dane or a Norwegian, though. It’s little wonder that the founder is a millionaire.

The first time I went into IKEA, I just took it all in. I found cool stuff, but I am one of those people who has to think about things first. So I went and saw all, then came home and ruminated about what I could really use and need so I would be ready the next time I went.

The first things I acquired from IKEA was an egg slicer, an apron and matchinig mitt (a Christmas present from my big brother!), a few bowls, and a six-set of cups.

When Catelin and I went, I found some other great stuff. I got a middling-size bowl to match my others, another set of six cups to match the ones I already own, a small mirror (promise I’m not vain), and a beautiful, embroidered pillow I’ve been wanting since I saw it the first time.




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2 responses to “Into IKEA

  1. dragonmage06

    IKEA is amazing. It’s the only store I’ve ever gone on a shopping spree in, though all the items I bought were for the kitchen and therefore emminently necessary 😉

    When I got to the checkout counter, I was looking at my huge mass of stuff thinking, “This is at LEAST $100 worth of stuff. Shit.” Then, it all came to a little over $50!! I was amazed and incredibly pleased. When I get back, let me know if you’re ever planning an IKEA trip! We could carpool!

  2. comm48

    I would totally carpool with you to IKEA!

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