girl lore

I wonder if other people do things this way. Sometimes, I am thinking of a concept, trying to think of the best word to describe it. I land upon a word, think the essence is fitting, but then have to check the denotative meaning, just to be certain. How nice it is when it is what I was looking for. says that this is the definition of, “lore”:


1archaic : something that is taught : 2: something that is learned: a: knowledge gained through study or experience b: traditional knowledge or belief 3: a particular body of knowledge or tradition

Just what I was looking for.

There is an awful lot of lore to being a girl. I imagine that there is likewise a lot to being a boy, but I am unqualified to comment personally.

Perhaps it was my upbringing, the fact that I am the oldest girl, and my personality type that I did not come to this realization a whole long earlier in life. Some girls seem to have been born with the knowledge that it is incumbent of them to be a girl and to figure it out quickly. That wasn’t me. I think even my little sister, who is three years my junior, started figuring this out at an earlier age than did I.

It seems weird and unnatural that one should strive to perform a gender masterfully when one is, by nature, already that sex. Am I the only who thinks that? It would seem, though, that one should strive to do just that… I hope i’m not getting too abstract here.

Lots of things in life are work, least among them trying to do a good job of being a girl. The more I get into girlishness, the more I realize how hard it is to do well. Trying to look pretty is challenging enough.

I’m not meaning to complain about any of the above or below, if it seems like it, “I’m just sayin’.”

The girl that I know who, to me, epitomizes successfully being a girl, whether she realizes it or not, works very hard at being a girl. She seemingly does it effortlessly and without counting it as work, but that could just be because she has had years of practice and is used to it by now. I think I view it more as work because I am not used to jumping through all the hoops.

And all this does appear to really matter.



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2 responses to “girl lore

  1. dragonmage06

    Geez, this post makes me wonder how I’m doing at being a girl… I don’t think I’m doing very well if we’re talking classically “girly” things >.>

  2. comm48

    I think there must be a balance somewhere, where it’s possible to act out your gender as a girl but yet not being a “girly”, as you and I would think of it.

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