my job

Any of you who know me personally know that I love my job at my university. I am a tutor for student-athletes there. I have been there for almost a year, and it has given me insight into a different angle of university.

This job is great!

During this latter summer session, they are actually paying me to attend a class that a large handful of athletes are taking. How great is that? I have taken the class previously, so it’s even more fun. I am there to take notes (no, I do not take notes for the students, nor do I give my notes to the students!), and generally, know what is going on in the class.

Today, as I was coming out of the classroom, one of the guys said, “They were smart to put you in our class.” I wasn’t sure if he was being ironically sarcastic or if he was sincere. Probing further, it appears he was genuine. “We’re gonna do well with class,” he said.

“Yes,” I assured him. “You should do well, not necessarily because of me, though.” I was happy that he was pleased, rather than annoyed, that I was in the class for him and his compatriots.



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  1. dragonmage06

    Wow, you’re lucky! That sounds like a good opportunity, and a nice way to get to know the guys better. Usually they seem to appreciate the help, which makes it even better.

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