stylin’ neighbors

We have two new recent neighbors, and they believing in living well, even if it is in a flat.

The first one that I noticed is in the building directly facing us, an apartment on the second floor. It’s easily viewed from the back porch window of our flat, so it was easy to notice that someone had moved in. I think they moved in a week or two ago, but they have decorated now. From my vantage point, they have painted a little, put up some sheer curtains, put stuff up on the wall, and tonight, had a tables and chairs set, complete is a burning candle.

The second is in the building directly facing us, on the third floor, further away from our flat. They have painted a wall blue, also put up curtains, have matching furniture… it’s nice to see people who decorate in a place where it’s assumed most people will be transient.



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  1. dragonmage06

    I started out decorating my room really well when I was a freshman. Now I don’t even bother putting pictures up on the walls. It’s a bad habit, but it’s all just such as hassle to take down and for now I really am transient.

    This semester won’t be any better, either…if anything it’ll be worse šŸ˜›

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