How ironic that when I decide to create something to write about, at the end of the day, I have something very similar but actually real to write about (which I am writing about today).

God is so cool! Yes, I know He is amazing all of the time, and that He is good to me all of the time, but I am only aware of it sometimes. Yesterday, he was visibly taking care of me, and I counted the ones I could see (hence the irony of posts with numbered lists), and they were many.

Most of these culminated at the end of my work day, and I ran home and told Katie about all of them. When I relayed them to her, there were three specific examples. By the end of the night, there was one more.

1. I got the job! I was officially offered an part-time job/internship with a company I had interviewed with. This is awesome, because I desperately need to work more, and need to also start developing contacts in the professional world.

2. I found a parking space when there were no parking spaces to be had, and I had asked God it give me one.

3. I stopped to get some food and realized that my debit card was out of my wallet because I had just filled up with gas. However, I had unexpectedly bumped into a friend, so she held my place in line while I ran out to my car to retrieve it (and I was strangely unharried about it; God allowed me to not stress about it, at least as much as I would usually).

4. He kept me from getting into a car accident! I was late getting to my small group last night, and I went to make a left turn at a light that had to left turn signal and started to do one of those left turns on yellow when the oncoming traffic is stopping, but another car blasted through. I jerked the wheel back, missed him. and got through safely! Closest call in a while. That was a scary moment, but disaster was mercifully averted!



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