an illustration from everyday life.

If you are a pastor/speaker reading this, you have my permission to use this as an example of some concept that you are hoping to explain.

This week, it’s finals week for summer classes session b. So I’m busy. I’m busy trying to make sure that I understand notes from Human Species so that I can explain them to my students. Along with that, I am trying to cut down a studyguide and make it more readable, make a few worksheets based on some tediously long material, and create a few practice tests.

Right now, I can answer almost any question that you could throw at me, if it concerns premodern humans or early homo sapiens sapiens (not a typo).

As I am going over this, I have realized that no matter how long I work on this, no matter how long I pore over material and try to synthesize it into understandable concepts and memory-easy material, it won’t be enough. I can’t guarantee that I will help anyone else do well or that they will understand the material better.

And now for my connection. So it is with human species, so it is with my spiritual life. No matter how much work I do, I will never make it. I can never improve enough. I can get better and can do good things, but I will never have reached the goal. I cannot be good enough.

Yes, I know you’ll sleep enlightened tonight after my epiphany which was imparted to you this evening.



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