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Amusement’s Sake.

Perhaps you may relate to the need to create diversions in a repetitious work environment. First, let me say that I like my job a lot. But it’s fun to come up with little things to keep my day interesting. This is my latest fun-quirk:

It’s called “Covering your Bases”. This is an educational game. It will strengthen your long-term memory. These are the rules:

1. The game must be played at Wycliffe.

2. When you visit the bathrooms in the WordSpring Center, you have ot start in stall 1.

3. The next time you go back, move on to stall 2, the next time stall 3, etc. The goal is to eventually have inhabited each of the twenty-some stalls in the women’s room.

4. The challenge is that you have to remember where you left off, or you have to go back to the proverbial “square one’, stall one and gradually work your way around again. This could be hard if you aren’t always at Wycliffe.

5. The first person to have visited all the stalls wins.

I just started the game last week, and I’m up to stall 5. I’m not currently competing with anyone but those are the rules.



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so it is

There are five girls in this apartment. We are a strong and hearty lot.

And yet, there have been two separate incidents of crying within twenty-four hours. It is the beginning of a new academic year. Besides, a little crying is good for you.


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a lament

Boys really do have it better than girls. Now, narrow your attention and cast away your scorn for the moment. I will explain myself only to the extent of saying I don’t mean to make a general, sweeping, serious statement about social issues or the differences between the sexes. I’m a girl, and I am happy that I am. I am just lamenting the natural disadvantages that I sometimes encounter as a girl.

• For where I find myself in my society and position, I feel the pressure to function as though I don’t need a man, because today, young, single women live very similarly to young, single men.

• Yet, to get a man, I do need to somehow convey that I would like/need one. Men are supposed to be strong as they are and then go get a girl also. It’s fine if they’re on their own.

• I like camping and outdoors things. In all prudence, I can’t go without a guy.

• Ditto with nighttime. I go running semi-frequently. I also am one of those people with a job and school during the day. Then, I can’t go running at night.

• A guy can wait a lot longer to get married than a woman, if either wants kids.

• I am convinced that the nature of femininity is so very complex, rife with important subtleties, and full of so many fine balances that it requires more intense study and practice than masculinity with its straight-forward manner requires of its pupils.

My roommate has a male co-worker from eastern Europe. When she asked him about any differences between American women and eastern European women, he told her, “The thing about American women is that they act like they don’t need a man. They don’t seem to need men.”

Whether it’s want or need, women do —- [insert four-character word of your choice here] men. It seems that when we’re playing our part the best, we encourage men to be at their best. Maybe we’re adding to the problem. Add that to my lament.



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Extended Patrick Henry quote

My amazing friend, Becca (not to be confused with my sister, also Becca) and I got to have some time together earlier this week. She’s one of the truest patriots I have ever encountered and probably has a better grasp on history, American history, and politics than 99% of the populous.

Anyway, I know that she is a big fan of Patrick Henry, and I saw where she had written out the extended quote of his famous, “Give me liberty or give me death!” quote in the front of one of her books.

It’s inspiring, and I put it here for your benefit.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

And that’s just the last three sentences. The part before it is just as good also.

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vivid language

I was looking in the Psalms on, and I noticed this verse. It’s NIV.

Psalm 12:8
“The wicked strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”

I think it’s kind of funny that the Bible has so many references to wicked people, to wicked deeds, and wastes nothing over spelling out exactly how putrid sin is.

I’m kind of timid about calling anyone or anything evil. Of course, I have no qualms about complaining about people and their decisions. I might say they are wrong or something along those lines, but I can’t think of many times when I have thought of someone as evil. This also aligns with my view of myself. I will freely admit that I do bad things, and that I am sinful. But I was evil? I still do evil things? Gee.

Bad things do happen in the world. All the time. But, at least for me, it’s easy to rationalize it and or paint the picture brighter. Maybe I haven’t encountered a heaping amount of evil in my lifetime, though, according to the Bible, anything not of God is evil. So basically, I’m swimming in an ocean of evil in my own life and in my experience with the world.

I heard someone say once (and he was probably a renown person so sorry for not knowing who), that the only limit on how depraved humans can be is God’s restraint (Him showing mercy and grace). If that’s true, it’s a pretty crumby state of things.

It’s a stretch for me to say with conviction that I was a completely wicked person (I’m still functionally wicked but God sees me as perfect now). That should not be so. I am discounting the gravity of my wickness which in turns minimizes Christ and the cross. And that, I’d say, is likewise wicked.


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anna’s wedding

My dear, former roommate, Anna, got married yesterday. I was a bridesmaid along with a few others. She and Kell are off to their honeymoon today! It was a great and fun wedding. She looked beautiful and was so calm before the ceremony. Kell cried when she walked in (just a little). I can’t wait to see their new place and hangout with them as a real couple.

Pictures: her programs, she and Kell at the reception, and them at the rehearsal dinner

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my first international call

Saidah called me from Saudi Arabia today! It was so crazy!

Just last night, Kristi had asked me about calling her and also asked if she had called me (she hadn’t). Then, this morning, just as I was in the delightfully waking up stage, my phone started ringing. It was Saidah!

We didn’t talk that long. Just a minute after we started talking, she put Nyaif (he’s three) on the phone, followed by Faris, who said, “Where’s Kristi?”  So he talked to Kristi, and we shoved the phone into Katie’s sleepy face and made her say hi too.

She said to say hi to “Emily, and Hannah and all the friends”, so if you read my blog, know that she gave you a shout-out. And she gets back at the end of August (inshallah). I have to find the paper where she put down how I could call them. It was crazy amazing.

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