just like christian

You know that part of Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian’s burden finally tumbles off his back? I know what he must have felt. For some reason, I can’t manage to go to work without bringing half my room (a back-up pair of shoes, a jacket or two, my huge Bible, a water bottle, lunch, and papers are the most habitual).

As a matter of stubbornness, I refuse to make two trips from my car when I get home. Hence, I am getting adept at teetering up stairs in heels with my arms full. Today, against my better judgment, I loaded myself up and nearly dropped things more than twice. Maybe I should “invest” in a really big bag, instead of just my over-sized purse. That might help consolidate things.

Anyway, I come staggering up the stairs. The door slams behind me. I march over to the kitchen table and dump everything off of my shoulders with distain. Then I walk away. It’s cathartic.



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