my first international call

Saidah called me from Saudi Arabia today! It was so crazy!

Just last night, Kristi had asked me about calling her and also asked if she had called me (she hadn’t). Then, this morning, just as I was in the delightfully waking up stage, my phone started ringing. It was Saidah!

We didn’t talk that long. Just a minute after we started talking, she put Nyaif (he’s three) on the phone, followed by Faris, who said, “Where’s Kristi?”  So he talked to Kristi, and we shoved the phone into Katie’s sleepy face and made her say hi too.

She said to say hi to “Emily, and Hannah and all the friends”, so if you read my blog, know that she gave you a shout-out. And she gets back at the end of August (inshallah). I have to find the paper where she put down how I could call them. It was crazy amazing.


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