a lament

Boys really do have it better than girls. Now, narrow your attention and cast away your scorn for the moment. I will explain myself only to the extent of saying I don’t mean to make a general, sweeping, serious statement about social issues or the differences between the sexes. I’m a girl, and I am happy that I am. I am just lamenting the natural disadvantages that I sometimes encounter as a girl.

• For where I find myself in my society and position, I feel the pressure to function as though I don’t need a man, because today, young, single women live very similarly to young, single men.

• Yet, to get a man, I do need to somehow convey that I would like/need one. Men are supposed to be strong as they are and then go get a girl also. It’s fine if they’re on their own.

• I like camping and outdoors things. In all prudence, I can’t go without a guy.

• Ditto with nighttime. I go running semi-frequently. I also am one of those people with a job and school during the day. Then, I can’t go running at night.

• A guy can wait a lot longer to get married than a woman, if either wants kids.

• I am convinced that the nature of femininity is so very complex, rife with important subtleties, and full of so many fine balances that it requires more intense study and practice than masculinity with its straight-forward manner requires of its pupils.

My roommate has a male co-worker from eastern Europe. When she asked him about any differences between American women and eastern European women, he told her, “The thing about American women is that they act like they don’t need a man. They don’t seem to need men.”

Whether it’s want or need, women do —- [insert four-character word of your choice here] men. It seems that when we’re playing our part the best, we encourage men to be at their best. Maybe we’re adding to the problem. Add that to my lament.




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3 responses to “a lament

  1. Baggervais

    “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”-U2 lyric.

  2. dragonmage06

    I completely agree with your quandary, especially about the needing vs wanting. How do you convey a wanting without coming off like a slut and/or dependent airhead? It’s difficult. Hopefully we’ll both figure it out eventually.

  3. Allison

    I totally agree with you on this post!! See mine…

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