Wycliffe game update

Alas, my scheme to strengthen my mind in the area of numbers is not going well.  I have found a way to evade having to number the stalls. I just remember what their visual position, and I have no idea of their numbers.

I’m going to work hard to amend my ways, though.

My goals:

– Memorize my parents’ and sibling’s phone numbers
– Memorize all of the most used extensions at work
– Memorize a handful of my football players’ jersey numbers



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2 responses to “Wycliffe game update

  1. dragonmage06

    Awww, that’s a shame. It’s also a shame that apparently I don’t get to see you at tutoring! When are you tutoring? Any time at night?

  2. dragonmage06

    I tutor Monday and Wednesday nights regular walk-in tutoring. No football whatsoever 😦

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