Items of note

– I think I am getting a cold. But I’m fighting hard to not really get it.

– I have no air conditioning in my car. My compressor blew up (at least it’s a dramatic problem)

– So far, school + work hasn’t been as hard as I thought it could be.

– I am taking suggestions on a fun book to read. Something intelligent, classic, and not too long, preferred.



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4 responses to “Items of note

  1. dragonmage06

    Don’t get a cold! I just got over one and it sucked. I hope you can get the AC in the car fixed! It would totally suck to drive around with AC.

    Book Suggestions: Life of Pi is what I’m reading in class right now and it’s pretty interesting. Did you ever finish 1984?

  2. comm48

    Yeah, I did. It was really depressing. I wish that I could read it in the context of a class so that someone could explain all the nuances to me.

  3. dragonmage06

    I will discuss that book until the cows come home 😀 It’s something EVERYBODY should read, I think, as a warning of what ignorance can do to a society.

  4. comm48

    I agree with that! Well then we’re just going to have to meet up and talk about it, seeing as we never see each other tutoring.

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