After 21 years of being

I have at least one thing about life figured out. Yay. If you already have figured this out, go read someone else’s blog. My friend, Kelci, has a good one.

What I have figured out is that life is all about interactions. That is what life is about. It is what people live for; that is what we were made for.

If you know me well personally, you know that I talk about something I call, “good interpersonal interactions”.  The best thing of my entire day is usually an exceptional interaction that I had that day

Now, “interpersonal”, as you may know, simply means person-to-person. When I say I had a good interpersonal interaction, I mean that I had a great, enjoyable, exciting brush with another person. I have had all sorts of good interactions, ranging from a long conversation with a friend, catching up with an acquaintance, meeting someone new, and so on. Yes, I have even begun keeping a log of my best interaction of the day.

But when you think about this, I am right when I say that that is what life is about. What were we meant for? Communion with God (i.e. good interpersonal interactions). Why are thing bad right now? When we sinned, we lost communion with God. Most people’s biggest fear is being alone. So what do they want? Interpersonal interaction, preferably good ones.

So, beyond all the other good things that will come with getting to heaven, I am looking forward to having wonderful, unbroken, interpersonal interactions with my God and with people.



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One response to “After 21 years of being

  1. dragonmage06

    Awww, thanks for the compliment!

    I totally agree about the interpersonal interactions thing. We need them to be fulfilled, and if anybody looks back at some of their worst memories, they probably involve feeling or being alone. I know mine are!

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