100 historical characters

Tutoring people in history today inspired me to consider who I would put on a list of the most important people to know about throughout history.

So this is the beginning of my list, subject to revision. Not in order of importance, except for the first.

1. Jesus Christ

2. Winston Churchill

3. Oliver Cromwell

4. Elizabeth I

5. Martin Luther

6. William Bradford

7. Ronald Reagan

8. George Washington

9. Abraham Lincoln

10. Mahatma Gandhi

11. Mohammed

12. Nelson Mandela

13. Montezuma

14. Adolf Hitler

15. Benito Mussolini

16. King Nebuchadnezzar, of Babylon

17. Apostle Paul

18. King David

19. Daniel Boone

20. Richard the Lion Heart

21. Henry VIII

22. Christopher Columbus

23. George Whitefield

24. David Livingstone

25. Moses

26. Vladimir Putin

27. Martin Luther King Jr.

28. Mother Teresa

29. J.J. Pershing

30. C.S. Lewis

31. Leo Tolstoy

32. Cortez

33. Albert Einstein (at least I know one science person)

34. Leonardo di Vinci

35. Napoleon Bonaparte

36. Robert E. Lee

37. Galileo

38. Charles Darwin

39. Frederick Nietzsche

40. Voltaire

41. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

42. Charles Dickens

43. Thomas Edison

44. Magellan

45. John Wycliffe

46. John Wesley

47. Louis Pasteur

48. Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain

49. William the Conqueror

50. St. Patrick



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6 responses to “100 historical characters

  1. Bethany

    Here are some science ones for you (Aristotle was science too)

    Antoine Lavoisier, “Father of modern chemistry”

    Louis Pasteur


    (I must admit to certain western bias though)

  2. dragonmage06

    Here are some people for you to add:

    Buddha, Mahatma Ghandi, Henry David Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Jefferson.

    Quite frankly, I’m impressed you could think of 50 historical figures!!

  3. baggervais

    Here are some music ones:

    Bono, Dan Haseltine, Andrew Peterson, Derek Webb.

    And some basketball ones:

    Mark Price, David Robinson, Darrell Armstrong.

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