it’s time

So I work at Wycliffe, remember. The place is rife with speakers of other languages, experts in specific cultures, and speakers of other languages, and, overall, the place has an especially a vested interest in other languages and cultures. Obviously.

So anyway, two of the guys who work in the kitchen are from Brazil and thus speak Portuguese. Today, one of the guys told me, “It’s time. You will start to learn Portuguese. Just a little bit each day.”

So, apparently, it’s time.

If only I would learn enough of one language to do some good. I can speak a poor smattering of French and write it on probably a third grade level. A smidgen of German. I remember four words of Indonesian. I’m trying to pick up as much Arabic as I can (but it’s hard!). I’m going to be a holy wreck with totally superfluous snatches of languages.



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  1. dragonmage06

    Arabic is super hard. I did Arabic One and got to writing and being able to know what sounds the letters made. I didn’t get to Arabic Two because the teacher freaked me out on the first day.

    I hope that once you become an amazing Portuguese speaker, you will teach me 😀

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