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Last Languages website!

I finally have the link!


Make sure you come, if you will be in the Orlando area, the weekend of November 22.



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I have a question. You know bobby pins, girls? Of course, everyone does. With my current haircut, and even before that, every bag I regularly used is equipped with at least one hair tie and two bobby pins.

Now to my question. Yesterday, my hands were full as I was trying to fix my hair, I realized that I was holding the pin ‘upside down’, but because my hands were full, I could hold my hair with one hand rotate the pin right-side up without losing ground. So I stuck the pin in upside down.

What I mean by that is I put it in ridgedy-side down, facing my scalp, with the smooth part being the outward facing upward part. I always thought it was supposed to be smooth-side down. But ridgedy-down worked superbly. I even think that smooth-side being visible is better looking.

So today, I am sporting ridgey-side down again. Is this another girly thing I’ve never learned?


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Last Languages Campaign

The date is November 22! The celebration is going to be held on Saturday, November 22. It will include a prayer walk, Scripture celebrations, the Celebration of Languages and Cultures, and, at night, a special lighting ceremony.

You can get all the times and details at

Allow me to explain what this is all about. This is a promo video for something very exciting the company I work for is working on.

On last survey, there were 6,912 languages spoken in the world (source:

Of those languages, about 2,500 have no Scripture in their language. Those 2,500 languages represent millions of people, people who have no chance to read the Gospel in the language that speaks to their heart.

Right now, Wycliffe is a massive campaign to raise the money necessary to begin translations in the last 2,500 languages by the year 2025.


God promises that He is calling people from every nation, tribe, and language to Himself. He can make this impossible task possible.

You can be a part of this historical movement. Imagine! the final translations may be complete during our lifetime!



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I am happy to report, my day is looking up.

“I don’t want to get up,” I moaned to Bethany this morning, ensconsed in my blankets ten minutes after my alarm had gone off. That is very unlike me. I like work, and I like my job. But I am on day three of a full week of work, plus my classes, and I anticipate to hit Saturday pretty done with work for the week.

God heard my moan. Yesterday, work was kind of tough, and I was hoping (can’t say I actually was praying) that today would be more bearable.

It’s only 10:30, but there has been some greatness so far.

– I met a couple from Derbyshire, England, or as they say it, “DA-bi-sur'”

– I am drinking my delicious-loaded cup of coffee, complete with half and half, hazelnut syrup and sugar (hey, it’s been a rough week); as good as Starbucks except for the cup

– Jason, i.e. Bookstore Boy, isn’t in today, so there’s no one to creep up behind me and scare me habitually

– We’re not too busy today, so I might get some work done

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1. Indonesia

2. Nigeria

3. Papua New Guinea

4. India

5. China

6. Dem. Rep. of the Congo

7. Cameroon

8. Malaysia

9. Nepal

10. Vanatu

11. Myanmar

12. Vietnam

13. Tanzania

14. Chad

15. Sudan

16. Iran

17. Mexico

18. Pakistan

19. Philippines

20. Russia

These are the top 20 countries Wycliffe has identified as having the most need of Bible translation. As you can see, most of these are in the 10/40 Window, where there is the most missionary need also.

Source: Wycliffe Bible Translators.


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this simile occurred to me today.

Predestination is a lot like Disney stardom. Someone is plucked from obscurity and gets everything.

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