I am happy to report, my day is looking up.

“I don’t want to get up,” I moaned to Bethany this morning, ensconsed in my blankets ten minutes after my alarm had gone off. That is very unlike me. I like work, and I like my job. But I am on day three of a full week of work, plus my classes, and I anticipate to hit Saturday pretty done with work for the week.

God heard my moan. Yesterday, work was kind of tough, and I was hoping (can’t say I actually was praying) that today would be more bearable.

It’s only 10:30, but there has been some greatness so far.

– I met a couple from Derbyshire, England, or as they say it, “DA-bi-sur'”

– I am drinking my delicious-loaded cup of coffee, complete with half and half, hazelnut syrup and sugar (hey, it’s been a rough week); as good as Starbucks except for the cup

– Jason, i.e. Bookstore Boy, isn’t in today, so there’s no one to creep up behind me and scare me habitually

– We’re not too busy today, so I might get some work done


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