Last Languages Campaign

The date is November 22! The celebration is going to be held on Saturday, November 22. It will include a prayer walk, Scripture celebrations, the Celebration of Languages and Cultures, and, at night, a special lighting ceremony.

You can get all the times and details at

Allow me to explain what this is all about. This is a promo video for something very exciting the company I work for is working on.

On last survey, there were 6,912 languages spoken in the world (source:

Of those languages, about 2,500 have no Scripture in their language. Those 2,500 languages represent millions of people, people who have no chance to read the Gospel in the language that speaks to their heart.

Right now, Wycliffe is a massive campaign to raise the money necessary to begin translations in the last 2,500 languages by the year 2025.


God promises that He is calling people from every nation, tribe, and language to Himself. He can make this impossible task possible.

You can be a part of this historical movement. Imagine! the final translations may be complete during our lifetime!




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2 responses to “Last Languages Campaign

  1. baggervais

    Hello whoever you are. I typed “last languages campaign” into google and it brought me to your blog.

  2. Hi you can also check out this website to learn more about the Last Languages Campaign:

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