I have a question. You know bobby pins, girls? Of course, everyone does. With my current haircut, and even before that, every bag I regularly used is equipped with at least one hair tie and two bobby pins.

Now to my question. Yesterday, my hands were full as I was trying to fix my hair, I realized that I was holding the pin ‘upside down’, but because my hands were full, I could hold my hair with one hand rotate the pin right-side up without losing ground. So I stuck the pin in upside down.

What I mean by that is I put it in ridgedy-side down, facing my scalp, with the smooth part being the outward facing upward part. I always thought it was supposed to be smooth-side down. But ridgedy-down worked superbly. I even think that smooth-side being visible is better looking.

So today, I am sporting ridgey-side down again. Is this another girly thing I’ve never learned?



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2 responses to “hairpins.

  1. dragonmage06

    I always thought it was more uncomfortable ridgey side down. It pokes into my head 😛 Of course, the extent of my experience with bobby pins has involved me pinning hair underneath my helmet when I’m getting ready for horse shows so that might have something to do with it.

  2. baggervais

    Is that where “hairpin turn” comes from?

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