Read someone else’s blog today, if you are looking for thought-provoking material. This is straight-up what’s up in R’s life.

– The long-awaited election is tomorrow. I plan to vote tomorrow after work. I’m also, consequently, over it. Someone will win and,somehow, either way, the world will move on.

– Two more days until Guy Fawkes Day! Get ready!

– I had a splendid weekend at the beach with some new friends. It was a great break.

– I’m back to work now, including a lot of work for my internship.

– Brenna’s birthday went well; she is succesfully 23.

– I kind of miss my family right now. Haven’t seen any of them since June.

– I am supposed to be doing work for work right now. So that’s it for now.



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  1. Somehow I always miss Guy Fawkes day. We used to have British friends who always talked about when we saw them in the summer and now I always watch “V for Vendetta” usually in August (for the past two years, at least) and think “ah, yes, I will remember this year” and then about the second week of November, I stumble upon something that reminds me that I’ve forgotten… again. Oh, well. Someday you and I should have a rollicking celebration. remember, remember, the 5th of November….

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