top ten reasons

Not that you should need inducement, but here I will articulate for you the top ten reasons that you should come to the celebration on November 22 at Wycliffe Bible Translators (there are events the whole day: a Scripture dedication, a huge cultural event, and a lighting ceremony).

1. This truly is a historical epoch in the Christian and historical world. The linguistic work is beginning in the last languages!

2. I will be there.

3. There will be really good ethnic food samplings.

4. You can learn all about the areas that still need translation and how you can help.

5. There will be helicopter rides.

6. I helped plan the event.

7. There will be music, dancing ,crafts, and maps.

8. To come support me.

9. We are talking about writing down a previously unwritten language and translating into the very Word of God!

10. I’d love to see you.


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One response to “top ten reasons

  1. Bob Creson

    Nice to see you today…you convinced me…I’ll be there :-).

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