three french hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge

I went running today after work. A great evening, by the way. I finally explored the weird little road by the train tracks. While I was running, I saw a red-tailed hawk, two sandhills cranes, and a mourning dove.

google images

google images

It was great. I haven’t seen a red tailed hawk closely in a while. Growing up, there was one that frequently came and sat on our back fence. They’re really beautiful.

Consequently, on the topic of birds, do any of you know the myth about the ravens and the Tower of London?

Allegedly, there have always been ravens at the Tower. Now, in modern times, there are several ravens kept at the Tower, cared for with names and cages.  Legend has it that when there are no more ravens at the Tower, then the White Tower, the monarchy, and the kingdom of Britain will fall.

There are always sandhill cranes at Wycliffe. There is a small family of them always lurking around the buildings, completely unabashedly. It is said that when the cranes leave Wycliffe, the work of Bible translation will be completed. That’s the new legend I’m trying to start. So spread it around, will ya?




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3 responses to “three french hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge

  1. Just wanted to say hi from another (unofficial) Wycliffe blogger.

  2. A hawk used to frequent my backyard growing up, too. It nested in a tree in the woods nearby. Add it to the list of ways our childhoods were similar. 😉

    I have heard of the Tower legend… actually saw those ravens when I was there. Apparently there is a raven-master who lives in the Tower at all times. Fun job, huh? Paid to live in the Tower of London and hang out with birds!

    I hadn’t heard about the sandhill crane legend. Interesting… I’ll do my best to spread the word.

  3. comm48

    nice to meetcha.

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