The first thing I have against resolutions is I feel as though I am fooling myself into thinking that my ideal life is achievable. The other thing is I simply don’t like the word.

“Goals” is an admirable term. “Resolutions” are wishful commitments that peter out. I don’t take people’s resolutions seriously when they divulge them. Besdies, you can’t talk about your resolutions eleven months into the new year; people will think you’re odd. But you can share your goals any time of the year.

I’m all about self-assessment and goal-setting, tempered with the realization that achieving any or all of my goals won’t make me a fully successful or complete person. The worthiness of goals and plans lies in the fact that we do have so much influence on our own lives. And since we know that we will have to give an accounting of what we did with our lives, taking pains to pursue worthy ends is only prudent.

This is the rationale behind my at-least annual self-assessments, examination of previously made goals, and creation of new expectations. I actually used to mostly do this in February, when I would write a letter to myself to open exactly one year later. Sadly, I have fallen out of this practice (unless I have an unopened letter I have forgotten about) the past year or two.

It has been replaced with goal-making and assessments at the beginning and end of every semester. As it is the beginning of a new semester (my last, inshallah) as well as the beginning of a new year, I am resolving and assessing. I like seeing which goals I have met the best, and I like making new goals better.

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So you may know I am doing that on the side, a list of my micro-goals which shall not be for viewing. But, in the style of Jonathan Edwards, here is my publishable list of macro-resolutions for my life. And I apologize for the style in which I wrote; I just like writing that way.


– Resolved, to live in the manner most befitting a child and servant of Christ, as one holy and set-apart, redeemed, an investor in the Kingdom, and inheritor of riches untold.

– Resolved, to keep myself in line with all I know of God’s will, general and particular

– Resolved, to act upon that which He reveals for me to act upon

– Resolved, to let my love and trust in Him motivate my choices, rather than fears or uncertainty

– Resolved, to apply myself to the study and knowledge of Scripture

– Resolved, to remain in a place or position only as long as I believe it is intended for me to

– Resolved, to be vigilant at scrutinizing my position, in order to avoid inertia

– Resolved, to work hard and fend off laziness

– Resolved, to surround myself with people who will be beneficial in my sanctification

– Resolved, to not sequester myself with Christians so as to lose relationships with those needing the Gospel

– Resolved, to do my part to bring the Kingdom to earth

– Resolved, to view my money as not my own

– Resolved, to give to anyone who asks, when it is within my power to give

– Resolved, to give so as that it does place constraints on my lifestyle

– Resolved, to give more than seems reasonable

– Resolved, to give when I don’t want to [yet]

– Resolved, to remember that when I reach heaven, I shall most likely only regret that I didn’t give more

– Resolved, to always heed wise counsel

– Resolved, to confess my sins and failures to God and others

-Resolved, to create an maintain a contrite heart

– Resolved, to do the good I can see to do, no matter how mundane

– Resolved, to consider others before myself

– Resolved, to not keep myself from people who could use me because I have my own agenda

– Resolved, to offer help before it is requested

– Resolved, to offer praise even when I wish to withhold it

– Resolved, to not keep score

– Resolved, to keep Christ always before me


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