final semester. chapter one.

I had a class tonight. I’ve had the professor before and the class should be pretty much the same as the class that I had with him before.

After work and a stop by the ol’ flat, I drove to campus, parked, and walked to the classroom. I immediately saw two girls that was in the previous class with me. So I sat down and started talking to them.

Slowly, I started noticing oddities and finally they added up. “Wait. What class is this?” Not my class.

Somehow I didn’t even think about it. I just thought same professor, same area of student, I’m good. So after a good laugh with them, I left the class with time yet to get to my class.

[Now you might say, “What you’re a senior and still don’t know how to find your classrooms?!” If anything I would say this is indicative of a “senior mindset”. Freshman year, I would have had a map, highlighted areas, walked to find my classrooms, etc. Or you can just say I had a ditzy day.]

I ran to the honors lab and looked up the real classroom. I march over there, open the door, and some other professor is talking in there. So I called it quits.

I can take it up again on Tuesday.


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  1. baggervais

    Senior mindset or senior moment?

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