busy is a state of mind

“I am busy because I am vain. I want to appear important. What better way than to be busy? The incredible hours, the crowded schedule, and the heavy demands of my time are proof to myself and all who will notice – that I am important.”

From an article snipet by Eugene Peterson. He makes a good point.



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2 responses to “busy is a state of mind

  1. Hannah

    So interesting. Can one be important and influential without having an overcrowded schedule? I hate saying to a person that I’m busy because I feel that sometimes it sends a message that it would be hard to “fit them in” to my schedule.

  2. Yeah, that is what I think Peterson was trying to say. Of course everyone is relatively busy, and that is fine, normal and even a good thing. It’s when we start to exult in our busyness and it keeps us from, as you say, connecting with people or helping them or doing other things we know we ought.

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