happy to be here.

Something is different. I unexpectedly had a past rough twenty-four hours up till this morning. It was a good twenty-four hours, but very draining.

I got a headache, which never happens. I stayed up really late, which never happens. I called a friend at twelve-thirty am, which I never do.

When I collapsed into my bed at two am, I fervently prayed that I would wake refreshed with no twinges of a proverbial “hangover” from the previous day. I hadn’t felt normal all day, and I desperately wanted to feel normal in the morning.

The best part yof it was, right before I went to bed, I felt great. The phone conversation really helped, and I went to bed feeling like God has blessed me far beyond anything I could ever imagine.

Yesterday was a weird day but it was also a bit of an epoch. Hard to explain. But I can tell that some of the stuff shaped me. I am kind of one of those people who thinks that everyday shapes you in some fashion, just some days the shaping is more visible. Yesterday was the latter.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt great. It got better with church, a little snuggling Saudi boy, and a picnic with friends. Funny how the small things  can really make the difference. Especially sleep.


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