excess but exciting

This weekend, I spent an unnormal amount of time near my computer. Last week, I did a fair amount of work blogging, especially since I’ve developing a second blog. I’ll let you know when I’m finished getting it ready. It will probably be a girlier blog, so for all my male readers, stick with this one, because you’ll probably still like this one better.

Blogging is worth it, though. I’ve converted another person. Mr. Tim Miller is now blogging and I’m pretty excited about the stuff I imagine he’ll turn out.

However, I recently was confronted with the fact that I must thinking about blogging a fair bit.

I had a dream about blogging. It actually was a short snippet of a larger dream, but it happened none the less.Because of trying to start this new blog, I have been looking at a lot of other people’s blog to get ideas of what I want mine to be like. In my dream, I got a phone call from a girl whose blog I had been looking at (what’s funny is, in my dream, it was a very specific girl and blog, one that I remember looking at in real life). She is one of those serious blogger-types with a blog with a lot of traffic, who actually has blog sponsors and everything. In my dream, apparently, I had left a comment on her wall, which is why she called. She phoned me and asked (how she got my phone number I’ll never know) and asked when the last time I had bought something from her sponsors. I replied that I hadn’t bought anything from them, and she gently explained that because of that, she needed to delete my comment.   !!!!!

It must have been something I ate.



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3 responses to “excess but exciting

  1. tcm.

    Man! How do you do that link my name thing? (And how do you reply to other people’s comments?) I am so lost…but it’s so fun! Heh heh. Also, I need to steal your phone number again, because I tried to save it under your full name in my phone, and pushed something else that saved it to a handset or something, and I can’t find it. MAN! I am SO BAD with technology! lol…Hmm…maybe that’ll be my next post… Thanks!

  2. Anna

    Ha.. love it! That’s so funny.. i love hearing about dreams, especially odd ones.

  3. It’s not that you’re bad with technology. It just takes a while to find how to do the things you want to do. You can just write under people’s comments on your own blog, or you can write back under theirs. I usually just post a reply comment underneath the other person’s.

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