one is not enough.

Announcing Rachel’s unawaited new blog!

Well I have started a new blog, and you’re welcome to take a look. It’s a bit different from this one and feel free to play favorites with either.

It’s called Mythopoetic for now. It’s exact look and purpose are yet to be determined, but it seems that it will definitely be lighter, happier, more whimsical, and more personal than this blog.

– Don’t worry. I’m not that personal. I don’t like those types of blog either.

– Could anything be happier than this blog already is?

– Basically, it’s more girly, and I don’t feel like I have to worry about if it’s a tad intellectual or not, as I do for this blog (no comments about the intellectual caliber of this blog, please).

So check it out but don’t lose this bookmark. I have precious few readers as it is.


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  1. tcm.

    lol. Not to worry Miss Burns. I for one enjoy intellectual blogs. Learning is great fun! And the ‘Cow’s Explain Government’ is definitely worth repeating. I laugh everytime I read it, because it is so true. As for today…not neccessarily a bad day. Just a long and lonely one. BUT. On a lighter note, my dad is in town this weekend, here for the S-3 decommissioning ceremony, so that’s cool. How is school? How is life? (I spose these are all FB questions) Hope you have an awesome Super Bowl weekend! 😛

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