interpersonal interactions

My working definition of hell is utter and complete loneliness and aloneness. It’s separation from everyone and everything beyond anything we can imagine from our experience on earth.

The antithesis of that would be unbroken, wonderful connection and relationships. Even here on earth, I think that person-to-person interactions, at their best,  have a “heavenly quality” to them.

So I’m a big champion of what I call “good interpersonal interactions”. In fact, I even keep a log of my best interpersonal interactions, not open to the public.

Looking over my list, I found some ones that still made me happy. As I have mentioned before, I tutor student-athletes at my university. Below is a conversation that I have recorded from several months ago.

Me: What are you working?
Football fellow: Absolutely nothing.
Me: Aww, man (sentiment: no will let me help them today)
Football fellow: But! (magnanimously) if I had something to work on, I would let you help me. *pause. Because you’re the smartest tutor ever!

I can’t mind a player like that. Especially if he lets me edit a paper or help him study for a test.


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